Hickory Fire Fighters Association
This Spring, we are proud to present:
"1964" The Tribute

"The best Beatles Tribute Ever" - Rolling Stone
            Saturday, March 24th at 8:00 pm                            
Hosted at
The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

For information please call
(828) 322-4077
email me

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your local Fire Fighters' Association. With the purchase of these ticket vouchers through the Hickory Fire Fighters Association, you show your support not only for your Fire Fighters but your community as well.

The Hickory Fire Fighters Association represents paid professional fire fighters in Hickory. We are not a charity, but a non-profit professional organization; therefore, your support is not tax deductible as a charitable gift for Federal Income Taxes, unless you donate your tickets to a charitable organization. Our members are employed by the City of Hickory, but we represent the Association and not the City.

Through our fundraising efforts, you are enabling us to carry on with the many outstanding programs and other member benefits of the Hickory Fire Fighters Association. The fire fighters of our nation are rated as having one of the most hazardous occupations in terms of death and injury. Working with the citizens of Hickory and the Unifour Area, perhaps we can change those statistics.

Thank you again for your support,
Rich Jenkins
Hickory Fire Fighters Association

Life Saving Programs

Coats for Kids: This provides brand new winter coats to underprivileged children in our community.

Hug-A-Bear: This is a teddy bear dressed up like a Fire Fighter and they're placed on all the city fire trucks. Anytime a small child or their parents have been involved in an accident, or a fire, our fire fighters give the child the bear to take their mind off of the fear or trauma they have just experienced.

Free Smoke Detectors: Our Fire fighters distribute and install hundreds of free smoke detectors year round. This is for needy families who otherwise would not be able to afford them!!!

Fire Fighters Burn Foundation: In addition to funding burn research, treatment, and rehabilitation, this foundation also sponsors young burn survivors who attend special burn camps with their peers. At these camps, kids can be kids without the EMBARRASSMENT of their burn injuries.

Emergency Directory Decals: This decal goes on or near the phone, and it has all the important numbers on it such as poison control, the National Response Center, the SBI and even 911. Now in an emergency seconds can mean the difference between LIFE... or even DEATH!!!

Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is given to a deserving high school senior whose mother or father is a member of the Hickory Fire Fighters Association.

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA): MDA'S mission is to assist people living with muscular dystrophy and support research to eradicate 40 neuromuscular diseases. The Hickory Fire Fighters Association is also devoted to helping MDA by conducting fill-the-boot drives, assisting with the MDA Lock-UP, and sending it's members to MDA Summer camps.

Supplying Fire Safety Coloring Books to local elementary school students to teach fire safety

The firefighters and paramedics work on these programs while off duty and do not receive payment. 
Their goal is to cut down on the accidents and deaths caused by fire. 
Perhaps with your support, they will achieve this goal.